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Challenge for the Etherlords Duel mode...

Actually I just wanted to show my brother what Etherlords I looks like (because he is a big Magic trading card fan). About 5 P.M. we started a duel just as a test - and then he was hooked: we played the whole night through with just a few very short pauses to the bathroom.

But this is not about our duels that night - only what came out of it: my brother's Synthet-based deck "The Ripper" and my kinets-based deck "Nemesis II".

My brother got the knack of the game quite fast, and most of the night I lost against that deck which he always kept refining as I tried to find some holes in it. Finally, early in the morning I had my first victory. But there still was a bit too much luck involved. The final version of both decks makes for a very interesting game. One of the reasons for this is that he has the artefact 'Destruction' in his deck, and can use it several times thanks to the Artificer specialization. I preferred to spare the costs of an artefact to give my hero a higer level than his.

You can find both decks as a package in the DuelDecks download section, so if you'd like to try...

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