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The Ether Planes website is a community for the PC game Etherlords and more recently, Etherlords II created by Nival Interactive.

The Ether Planes aim to offer services and information that you will not find in the game itself - a good example for this is the Spell Explorer, which enables you to search the Etherlords I and Etherlords II spell archive for Spells matching your criteria.

Newbies start here:

If you consider yourself a beginner with the game, resources like the Creature guide can help you with choosing the right creatures in your decks, and if you're stuck the Cheats section will get you unstucked :)

Experts start here:

So you think you're tough? Then you will probably want to check out more in-depth sections like the Map archive or the Duel challenge. But then experts probably won't even read this piece of text :)

Have fun!

- Planemaster

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